• Third Grade Supply List



    1-Box of Crayola crayons, 16 or 24 assorted colors


    1- Elmer’s glue stick


    1-Box of markers 8 colors - Erasable or Washable


    1- Packet of Crayola Map/Colored pencils (important)


    4-Boxes of writing pencils - No. 2 lead   Not mechanical! (We will store extras in a closet for later.)


    2-pencil sharpeners and erasers (We will store extras and give out as they break.)


    Ruler –Foot long, plastic with English and metric units


    1 pkg. pencil top erasers


    1-Pair of pointed scissors - good quality


    4-Boxes of tissue


    3- Hand Sanitizer (pump bottle)


    8-Multi-method ½” composition books (spiral)   (Not Newsprint)

    They will say 3rd Grade on them.


    6-Plastic folders with fasteners - for each subject (purple, orange, yellow, red, green, and blue)


    3 - 100 sheet composition book, speckled, wide ruled, 9¾” X 7½”  (for Science Lab and Classroom) – No spirals


    1- Gold Mac Gregor Shirt

    Parents, please write you child’s name on all their supplies.


    2- package of wide-ruled loose leaf paper


    1-pkg. inch graph paper


    1 Large pencil box (very important!!)

    1- pkg. construction paper