• Why AR?  To develop lifelong readers and learners.

    All learning starts with reading. It’s a skill and, as with every skill, it requires not just instruction but practice.

    AR enables powerful practice by providing data to monitor and manage substantial amounts of personalized practice, and reinforce the understanding of content-area topics. It is designed to serve as the practice component of a comprehensive reading program.

    With AR, our teachers can:

    • Excite students. Students will be motivated to read constantly—in class, during study hall, at lunch, at home, anywhere.
    • Utilize reliable, objective data. The data cover reading comprehension, vocabulary development, literacy skills development, and much more.
    • Help every student master standards. Students receive a large amount of reading practice with immediate feedback. As a result, students become capable of reading increasingly complex texts at high levels of understanding – and scores improve on state tests.
    • Improve students’ attitudes for learning. Success spurs enthusiasm, higher attendance, fewer discipline problems, and better attitudes.
    • Challenge all students. Students are guided to books where the level of difficulty is neither too hard nor too easy—and the level at which optimal learning takes place.