Parent Involvement Policy

  • It is the goal of Crockett Elementary School to create an educational learning environment through a thematic real life curriculum utilizing technology, science, fine arts and parental support to enhance the learning capabilities and successes of all students; to produce students who will be lifelong learner, as well as productive citizens. We believe a child’s success depends on a strong committed partnership between school and home. We believe the more involve parents are in the educational process of their children, the more successful the students would be.


    Crockett Elementary is committed to maintain open lines of communication between home and the school, to the extent practicable, in the language parents can understand and to provide many and diverse opportunities for parental involvement throughout the school year. We use the School Handbook, School and Classroom Newsletters, School Website, Communication Folders, Phone Call System, Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, IAT Meetings, IEP Meetings, PTA/PTO Meetings, Family Fun Days/Nights, Surveys, Parent Workshops and trainings, Open House, Meet the Teacher Day, Report Cards Days, Test Data Results Conferences, Monthly School Calendar, and flyers to deliver information, and request participation between home and the school.


     Crockett Elementary holds no less than four annual meeting, the first one, four weeks after the opening of the school year. At this meeting a general assembly is called to inform parents of the state of the school, report the latest school data, adequate yearly progress status, present the School Improvement Plan, review all Title I School requirements, visit the classrooms to familiarize themselves with grade level expectations and student’s progress, and to provide parents with information about different venues for parental involvement as well as a schedule of all other PAC meetings. 


     Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled after every grading period to discuss students’ academic progress. Parents have the option to schedule these meetings at a time that accommodates their needs.


     Parents were invited to participate in the planning, revision, and improvement of the school parental policy in an organized, ongoing and timely way. A PTO committee maintains the connection between parental involvement resources at the local, state and national level. Parents attend training and workshops opportunities on topics such as ESL, computer literacy, citizenship and helping their child academically at home, year round between the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 p.m. 


     Crockett Elementary faculty and staff as well as parents share the responsibility for improvement of student academic achievement; therefore, we jointly developed the school-parent compact. This document is reviewed and signed by all concerned parties and kept by the teachers and also used as a motivational tool for parents and students.


     Our school will build parents capacity for involvement and provide materials and trainings as stated in the Policy Involvement and Shared Responsibilities for High Student Achievement section of this document.


     Faculty and staff members are cognizant of educational research on parental involvement. They actively seek the participation of parents in the educational process of students.

    Crockett Elementary School has a parental liaison/ coordinator who work on site to ensure program appropriateness for preschoolers, and to bridge the relationship between school and home. Parental involvement of preschoolers is encouraged throughout the year in field trips, attending the parents’ resource center, and all other school activities.