Translation Services

  • HISD Translation Services provides translation services in Spanish, to help district campuses and departments support students attending HISD schools and their families.

    Please note that translation involves written communication and interpretation involves verbal communication.  

    To meet translation and interpretation needs that exceed the district’s in-house capacity, HISD works with external translation and interpretation services providers that may be contacted directly by administration and departments to secure the necessary resources. 

    Schools should contact Translation Services  with individual language needs.

     To request assistance, please contact the following departments:

    • Translation
    • ASL interpreters (interpretation for the Deaf and hard of hearing):
    • Special Education (Interpretation & translation for Special Needs Students (i.e. ARD meetings):  713-556-7025
    • Multilingual Programs (assistance with immigrants, migrants, refugees, and newcomers): 713-556-6961 

    Helpful information when requesting a translation: 

    Please keep in mind that our office receives translation requests on an ongoing basis from multiple sources. Certain requests are urgent, while others are prioritized based on content and need and are placed in the job queue.  

    • Documents provided should be final documents only. We do not translate drafts. Time constraints do not allow for ongoing revisions and/or multiple updates of a document that is being translated.
    • Documents provided should be in Microsoft Word; other types of files may not be accepted or result in delays.
    • When submitting a revised document that has previously been translated, please use the tracked changes feature, which is the only way to ensure that every single change made to the document will be completed on our end.
    • Please note that we do not translate copyrighted materials unless the proper permissions have been obtained and provided to our office.
    • We do not translate third-party documents.

    We translate:

    • School and district forms that parents need to complete, read, and respond to;
    • Important school and district letters, newsletters,
      announcements, etc.;
    • School and district Parent and Student handbooks; 
    • Any other type of document that district or school personnel consider essential for parents.



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