Maintenance - FAQ

    Q:   When maintenance is required at a school; can all repairs be made at the same time?
    A:   The district has a backlog of $1.2 billion; but the Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations total budget is $50 million. FMO management prioritizes all work performed in schools while maximizing available funds.

    Q:   Who pays for new work - the schools or Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations?
    A:   The schools pay for all new work. 

    Q:   Is it appropriate for personnel within Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations to ask schools to sign a work order even though the work isn't complete?
    A:   This is not the standard procedure within Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations. Such activity should be reported to your Maintenance Area Senior Manager.

    Q:   What are the pricing guidelines for painters?
    A:   Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations will develop pricing guidelines upon request. 

    Q:   Who is responsible for payment and installation of light bulbs?
    A:   The schools pay for their bulbs. Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations will provide the personnel and equipment to change bulbs in high places (gymnasium, auditorium, and cafeteria).