• David G. Burnet encourages parents/guardians to be actively engaged in their child’s education.  Burnet Elementary distributed information in English and Spanish to give parents the opportunity to give suggestions and assist in the development of the 2012 – 2013 Parent Involvement Policy and Parent Compact.  The Parent Involvement Policy was created November 12, 2012 through December 7, 2012.  It was distributed December 17, 2012.  The Policy was created to assist parents with helping their children achieve in school.  We want     to ensure that all parents, including parents with limited English proficiency or disabilities, can also participate in their children’s education.  Various meetings will be held through out the year including the first annual Title I meeting held on September 20, 2012. 
    The following school personnel will assist us:
    • Principal
    • Title I Coordinator
    • Instructional Coordinator
    • Reading Coach
    • Counselor
    • Special Education Staff
    • Instructional Assistants
    • Parent Volunteers
    • Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)
    • Academic Specialist
    • Campus Educational Technologist
    • HISD School Support Officer (SSO)

    Policy Involvement:
    Parents are invited to attend meetings during and after school, as well as evenings.  We encourage parents to attend one or more meetings though out the academic school year.  During these meetings, we discuss Title I Compact, TEA mandates, requirements, rights of parents and their benefits.  We invite our HISD personnel, SIO and staff and community leaders to help with presentations which are presented in both English and Spanish.  The Title I Coordinator assists parents when volunteering and keeps them informed about the current educational programs at Burnet.

    Program Involvement:
    The parents are informed about our current Title I programs including After School Tutorials.  Tutorials are Mondays – Fridays from 3:30 – 4:30.  ESL classes, computer classes and nutrition classes are classes parents would like to participate.  During the first PAC meeting (Parent Advisory Council) the Title I Coordinator reviews the school curriculum, assessments and expectations for our students.  He explains how the district measures student achievement and how the state measures Burnet’s accountability. Burnet holds PAC, PTA, Family Reading, Math and Science Nights were parents have the opportunity to be actively involved in activities that are intended to provide parents with resources to help students at home.  There are 5 PAC meetings:  September 12, 2012, Octotber 17, 2012, December 12, 2012, February 6, 2013, March 27, 2013.  During these meetings parents make suggestions and share experiences with other parents and participate in decision – making that affects out students.  Parents are involved in our Parent Advisory Committee and out Shared Decision Making Committee.

    School – Parent Compact
    The Burnet Parent Compact, as required by law, was developed jointly with parents of participating Title I Students and explains how parents, school staff, and students will jointly share responsibility for each student’s success.  The school compact is located on the school website, or available upon request at any time.

    Building Capacity for Involvement:
    The Title I Coordinator conducts several meetings to assist parents in finding ways they can help their children at home.  Burnet has a Teacher Meet – n – Greet August 24, 2012, Open House September 20, 2012 and Parent – Teacher Conferences.  At PAC meetings the Title I Coordinator goes over promotion standards, explains HISD Clear (the District Curriculum), the TEKS ( Texas of Knowledge and Skills).  HFWE (High Frequency Word Evaluation) List of words and standard for passing the evaluation are also provided. An explanation, by the Title I Coordinator about how teachers collaborate during PLC meetings, help parents acquire an understanding of the different ways teachers plan for instruction.  Burnet staff, with the assistance of parents, is working hard to attain the following goals:
    1. By the end of the 2012 – 2013 school year, 60% of the first grade students (from 42%); 50% of the second grade students (from 29%); 50% of the third grade students (from 31%); 60% of the fourth grade students (from 41%); 60% of the fifth graders (from (42%) will score at or above the 50th percentile on the Stanford Total Reading.

    2. By the end of the 2012 – 2013 school year, at least 75% of the second grade (from 57%) and third grade (from 53%) English Language Learners tested on the TELPAS will gain at least one proficiency level.

    3. By the end of the 2012 – 2013 school year, our student discipline as reflected by our suspension rate, will decrease from 2% (14 students) to at least 1.5% (9).
    It is important to keep the parents informed about these standards and out goals so they can assist us at home with our endeavor to help children succeed.

    Parent Training and Involvement:
    During PAC meetings the Title I Coordinator invites parents to participate in “Make and Take workshops.  In these workshops, parents get to create hands –on activities to take home to work on with their children on specific objectives and to play learning games.  At other meetings, he presents strategies for Reading and Math.  He also trains parents on how to use the Take – Home Reading Packs.  After analyzing current data, the Title I Coordinator reaches out to parents whose children are at risk.  He conducts special training with parents using the HISD Study guides.  He also invites HISD specialist to conduct special trainings on various subject matter.

    It is very important for Burnet Elementary to have parent involvement and participation.  Information related to student achievement, school performance, parent programs, meetings and other opportunities for participation is sent home in English and Spanish.  Parents are trained to use Grade Speed to check on their students’ progress.  Parents can check their child’s weekly grades online 24 hours a day.  The school principal sends home a monthly calendar informing parents of important dates.  The principal uses HISD Ed connect for immediate dissemination of pertinent information and reminders.  Interpreters are provided for parent conferences.  We also ensure that parents with disabilities have opportunities to participate.  Ramps are located at every entry way of the school.  The school has an elevator and handicap restrooms are available in all sections of the school.