• The faculty and staff, parents and students participating in the activities, services and programs funded by the Title 1, Part A Program at Burnet Elementary School , agree that this compact outlines how the faculty, staff, parents and students will share the responsibility of improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the Houston Independent School District  and State’s standards.
    This school-parent compact is in effect for the 2012 – 2013 school year.
    As a school, Burnet Elementary School will:

    1.Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the participating children to meet the District and State’s student achievement standards as follows:

    The teachers and paraprofessionals of Burnet Elementary School are highly qualified and have met the requirements of No Child Left Behind.  The HISD Elementary and Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Departments oversee the development and maintenance of a viable and challenging district curriculum that incorporates the standards set forth by the Texas Education Agency in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) framework. Support for foundation and enrichment courses is provided through curriculum documents, materials, resources, and training. Considerations to the diverse student population are embedded in the curricula to allow for differentiated instruction so that all students have the opportunity to learn and experience academic success.

    2. Hold parent-teacher conferences during which this parent compact will be discussed as it relates to the individual child’s achievement.

           The following dates are the School-wide parent-teacher conferences:

           October, 24, 2012

    Parents are urged to contact the school whenever the need arises.  Teachers may    be contacted for conferences by either a note or a phone call. If you call during the school day, the office staff will leave the teacher a note to return your call.

    Conferences are scheduled at periods other than instructional time.  Appointments may be made during a teacher's non-instructional time/period.  Contact the teacher or call the office for an appointment.  The principal, Instructional Coordinator and the Literacy Coach are available at all times.  However, since they are very busy, we ask that you call before coming to the office.  

    3. Provide parents with frequent reports on their children’s progress.

    Progress Reports
    A progress report will be sent to the parents of the students who are failing no later than the fourth week of a reporting period or as often as deemed necessary.   A conference may be made by appointment if a parent wishes further information.
    Student grades will be determined by the teacher evaluation of growth attained during the significant learning activities conducted by the teacher in a given reporting period.  The teacher will take into consideration all available data in judging a pupil's achievement in relation to the grade or course level objectives.  Such information as success with assignments, assessment results, and classroom participation should be helpful in making judgments.  This information will be documented in teachers' class record books, students' work folders, etc. and be available to parents upon request.

    Report cards
    A report card will be issued at the end of each nine-week grading period.

        October 24, 2012
        January 11, 2013
        March 28, 2013
        June 6, 2013

    4. Provide parents reasonable access to staff.

    The school faculty and staff are accessible to parents to answer questions, address concerns and assist them in any way possible.  Parents are encouraged to make appointments when they have concerns about the school.  They are welcomed to schedule appointments with the Principal, teachers, Instructional Coordinator, Title I Coordinator, Special Education Staff and IAT Committee members.  The Principal attends many parent meetings and gives parents the opportunity to ask questions.  

    5. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class, and to observe classroom activities.

    After parents have completed the VIPS Background process, parents are able to volunteer and observe classroom activities.  Burnet teachers welcome parents to be classroom volunteers assisting in classrooms as readers, small group tutors, and helping complete tasks for the teacher.  Teachers also welcome parents to view classroom displays, and attend classroom activities including chaperoning field lessons.

     We, as parents, will support our children’s learning in the following ways:

        Provide a place where my child can study at home.
        Make sure that my child’s homework is complete.
        Provide quiet time each evening so my child can read and study.
        Promote the importance of reading by reading to my child and listening to him/her read.
        Monitor the amount of television my child watches.
        Volunteer in my child’s classroom and for school activities.
        Stay aware of my child’s academic progress and participate in the decisions relating to his/her education.
        Stay informed of my child’s education by reading all notices from the school and the district and respond accordingly.
        Attend PAC meetings and participate in policy advisory groups when possible.
        Get my child to school every day unless he/she is ill.
        Get my child to school on time everyday and pick him/her up on time.
        Provide current emergency telephone numbers in case of an accident or illness.