CLASS OF 2019

    Freshmen Student Council meetings will take place on Tuesdays at B lunch with a repeat meeting  on Tuesdays after school.  

    Student Council Coordinator
    Student Council President  
    Freshman Class Sponsor  
    VP Activities  
    VP Fundraising  
    VP Community Service  
    Recording Secretary  

    Westside High School has created a new and unique program called The Freshmen Focus to help make the difficult transition from middle school to high school easier.  We believe the additional support provided to our students will improve each child’s experience and help them have a more successful year. 


    Each small school has a team of core freshman teachers who teach all freshmen within the house. Each team has a common conference period to allow the teachers to focus on freshmen through collaborative conversations, parent meetings, and student conferences.  The teachers can create interventions together to help students become more successful.  The teachers’ classrooms are physically located near each other making the commute between core classes easy.
    In addition to the freshman teachers, there are many Wolves who are available to provide assistance to you and your child.  We encourage our students to get to know their deans.  Your child will be with the same dean for the duration of their high school career so it’s never too early to starting developing a relationship with him or her.  We also have three Social Workers on staff if you feel your child needs some counseling support or someone with whom to talk.  We are all in this together and want to help all students succeed!
    How to Sign-up for Gradespeed

    How to find your Dean