Coordinator Message

  • Dear Campaign Coordinators:

    The Houston Independent School District deeply appreciates your key role in providing fellow employees with this opportunity to donate to the charities of their choice. Annually, the Combined Charities Campaign (CCC) Committee reports over $300,000 in pledges. This is also an indication that the Houston Independent School District family is very caring and generous to those in need.

    The combined effort of uniting 11 charitable federations that represent over 600 service agencies and a once-a-year workplace campaign is advantageous for all involved. The HISD family come together in support of not just our community but a variety of state, national, and global nonprofit organizations.

    Campaign Coordinators' service, dedication, and enthusiasm really make the difference. Communication is your most powerful tool. Providing instructions for the online payroll deduction system, completing and collecting pledge forms, sharing information about the many worthy charities, overall being a champion leader for this worthy cause which is essential to the campaigns success.

    We look forward to this year's campaign as we continue Making The Difference… #HOUSTON ISD STRONG! 

    Thank you,

    Tanya A. Mackey
    Combined Charities Campaign Chairperson