Of the many strong fine arts programs that Westside has to offer, only three of those programs are considered Magnet: Technical Theatre, Computer Animation, and Digital Photography.  Of course, any Magnet student can participate in the other fine arts programs in addition to their Magnet courses. In fact all students are required to take at least one fine arts class for graduation.  Many Westside students take a fine arts course each year in addition to the Magnet program

    Digital Photography Program Information

    fine arts In the Digital Photography Magnet Program, technology and art combine and allow the students to see the world through a different lens.  In the sophomore year, students learn how to take proper photos using the manual settings on the D-SLRs, and the essential elements of photography.  In the spring, semester students start utilizing the CS3 Suite, and work on the final project, which is stop-motion animation.  In the upper level Digital Photography courses, the students work on more conceptual ideas while refining their basic elemental skills.  These courses are also available at the Pre-Advanced Placement (AP)/AP levels.

    Students in this strand compete at the Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) as well as some other local competitions. Students have also shown their works at both Bayou City Art Festivals (twice a year), which is a huge honor.  Westside has also had photography students show work at the University of Houston Downtown O’Kane Gallery, and the Contemporary Arts Museum.


    Technical Theatre

    In Technical Theatre, students will learn the many technical skills necessary to stage a theatrical show.  Students will work with basic set building techniques, lighting and sound concepts, costume construction skills, basic stage makeup techniques, as well as learning how the production staff controls the flow and personnel of each production.  In Advanced Technical Theatre, students will have a hands on experience with computer generated stage and lighting design.  These students will also build the sets, design the costumes and manufacture the electrics (lighting, sound and electrical special effects equipment) for the 14 performances held here at Westside High School annually.



    9th GRADE

    10th GRADE

    11th GRADE

    12th GRADE



    AP Language

    AP Literature


    Geometry/ Algebra II

    Alg. II/Pre-Calculus


    World Geography

    World History

    U S History





     AP Science/Elective Science

    Foreign Language

    Foreign Language

    Foreign Language


    Art1 or Theatre Tech 1









    Professional Communications* /Principles of AATC And Pre-AP Art I

    Digital Photography 1

    Digital Photography 2

    Digital Photography 3

    Professional Communications* /Principles of AATC

    Theater Tech 2

    Theater Tech 3

    Theater Tech 4

    *Counts as Speech Credit 

    Students who complete the four year plan as listed will earn the required 1.0 credit of fine arts credit through Technical Theatre.

    Students who complete the four year plan as listed, will earn the required 1.0 credit of fine arts credit through Art 1.  It is a course that must be taken prior to entering the sophomore year and taking Art 2 – Digital Photography.

    Required electives are dependent upon the year the student started high school.  To see the graduation requirements, please click here.

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