Magnet Program Transfers

  • Description

    The Magnet program offers HISD resident students choices from among a number of specialized educational programs. Each provides both strong academic studies and a specialty enrichment program. Specialties are varied enough to meet the needs, interests, and talents of students.

    Grade Levels Served

    Kindergarten through grade 12 (Montessori accepts ages 3 and 4) Tuition rates may apply.*

    Selection Criteria

    1. Acceptable conduct and attendance
    2. Available space*
    3. Other criteria specific to the program
    4. One-year commitment

    Selection Process

    1. Submission of transfer application to Magnet program
    2. Completion of other requirements
    3. Completed application processed by Magnet program
    4. Parents notified by mail by Magnet program
    5. Accepted students enrolled in Magnet program

    Acceptance Timeline

    Timeline dates are available on the Magnet Timelines page.


    Transportation is provided to Magnet students in accordance with HISD Transportation Department guidelines. Additional information is available at the Magnet school location.


    HISD Magnet Office: 713-556-6947


    No out-of-district transfers will be accepted into secondary "Separate and Unique School" (SUS) Magnet programs or other specialty schools on campuses that do not have an attendance zone. In extenuating circumstances, the superintendent of schools may approve out-of-district transfers to SUS Magnet programs. When these exceptions are granted, tuition will be charged.

    Children of nonresident employees will not be required to pay tuition if their application to attend a SUS Magnet programs is approved by the superintendent of schools.