Frequently Asked Questions

  • Futures Academy FAQs

    What is Futures Academy?

    The Futures Academy program will enable students at six HISD campuses to fulfill high school graduation requirements while simultaneously earning industry certifications, college credits, and an Associate of Applied Science degree by August after their senior year.

    Upon successful completion of the Futures Academy students will be qualified for entry into high-demand, high-growth jobs in several of Houston’s most thriving industries, including medicine, shipping, energy, manufacturing, and computer technology. Students will also graduate academically prepared for entry to a four-year college or university.

    What makes Futures Academy unique?

    In partnership with Houston Community College, Futures Academy will offer students a blend of face-to-face and online instruction taught by both high school teachers and college professors. The result will be a highly-relevant, technology-rich atmosphere that will keep students engaged, incentivize them to stay in school through graduation, and prepare them for success regardless of the path they choose.

    Will Futures Academy students still be qualified for a four-year college or university?

    Yes. Should they choose to forego immediate entry into the workforce in pursuit of continued postsecondary education, Futures Academy students will have completed the standard English, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Math credits required of all HISD high school students and will graduate academically prepared for admission to a four-year college or university.

    Moreover, of the 45 to 60 hours of Associate's degree credits that Futures Academy students will have the opportunity to gain, at least 15 will come in core courses transferable to the bachelor's degree programs at any public Texas university. As a result, Futures Academy students who choose to pursue a four-year degree will already have a solid chunk of transferable credit under their belts.


    Futures Academy Applications are available through the HISD Office of School Choice:

    Click here to access the Futures Academy Application