• John J. Herrera

    An HISD Integrated Technology Magnet

    IB Candidate School

    At Herrera Elementary, we are open-minded, life-long learners on a mission to empower knowledgeable inquirers.  Our students have a passion for integrating innovative technology and a vision for becoming internationally minded leaders who collaborate in a global society.  We unite a caring school staff, parents, and community members while cultivating an appreciation for cultural diversity, artistic expression, and  compassionate problem-solving.
  • Pictures from International Festival March 2013 
    Our students are inquirers and are sharing their knowledge with their fellow students.
  • Herrera POI

    Herrera students will explore and learn through units of inquiry using the following transdisciplinary themes:
    • Who we are . . .
    • Where we are in place in time
    • How we express ourselves
    • How the world works
    • How we organize ourselves
    • Sharing the planet
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  • Language Policy

    Herrera Elementary believes language is a vital tool for learning, communicating and being an active member of a global society.  As communication and technology in the world changes, we have the responsibility for supporting and training our students to be multilingual learners. Language presents opportunities that will cultivate internationally-minded citizens.  We believe language acquisition is best supported by a language-rich environment which includes books, periodicals, environmental print, online resources, technology and teacher and student writing.  
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  • IB Assessment Policy

    The Herrera Elementary Assessment Plan serves to guide and inform the staff, parents and community of the school’s assessment practices.  Reflection is integral to assessment at Herrera as it enhances student learning throughout the Programme of Inquiry, as well as the disciplinary teaching of learning objectives when necessary.

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  • Herrera students will strive to be: 
    • Inquirers
    • Caring
    • Principled
    • Balanced
    • Knowledgable
    • Thinkers 
    • Open-Minded
    • Communicators
    • Reflective 
    • Risk-Takers