GOMM Gifted and Talented Overview

     The staff at Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet Program are committed to supporting our Gifted and Talented students!  We do this by providing differentiated learning opportunities to all students to maximize students' abilities. Our scholars are supported by the implementation of the tenets of HISD Vanguard standards of achievement and expectations, which are based on the State of Texas guidelines for Gifted Education.  Students work in heterogeneous ability and age classes.  Not only do children receive academic challenge and support, they are nurtured to become caring, compassionate global citizens.  A central tenet of GT instruction is differentiated curriculum student centered learning with emphasis on rigor and challenge with practical application in four core subject areas: Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies

    Parents, community members and the school personnel can provide opportunities to expand strengths and abilities by developing high order thinking with the use of  the "Scholars and Knowledge" framework encouraging:

    • Scholarly Behavior
    • Depth and Complexity
    • Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Higher-Level Thinking Skills
    • Research Skills
    • Independent Skills
    • Advanced-Level Products
    Montessori classrooms are ideal for children who qualify for Gifted and Talented studies as it provides the opportunity to work at their individual level while nurturing the whole child and the classroom community.
    In addition to the classroom setting, GT students are provided opportunities to work on research projects, community volunteering and extension activities embedded in the classroom through individualized work plans.  Additionally, teachers use the Texas State Plan to incorporate projects for the annual GT Expo at the end of the year.  All classroom teachers at Garden Oaks are certified to serve Gifted and Talented students.  
    Campus GT Coordinator for 2021-2022 is Mrs. Aasletten, She can be reached at Laaslett@houstonisd.org or by calling the school at 713-696-2930.