Naviance is an online college and career readiness website that helps students to connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.

    “Its comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize student success, enhance school counselor productivity, and track results for school and district administrators.” Students will be introduced to Naviance during the middle school years and will continue to use it through high school.

    “Through self discovery and collaboration with parents, teachers and school counselors, Naviance enables students to find college and career pathways that are right for them. Start by setting personalized goals, learn about your skills and interests, and explore career options based on those interests. Then search for colleges, apply for scholarships and track your admissions status.

    Finally, Naviance helps students plan a course of action to reach their goals, find resources to prepare academically, and discover their own path.”
    Students can access this site through the internet at home. Parents, too, can visit this site to observe their student’s activity. Contact Dr. Parrish (713-613-2516 X317) for your parent registration code.

    Visit http://www.naviance.com/ for an informational video about the tool.

    In the Houston Independent School District, students in each grade level have different tasks to complete:
    6th Grade:
    Students complete the College Mentality Survey.
    Students begin goal setting using SMART goal templates in Family Connection (2 academic goals, 2 career goals, and 1 personal/social goal).
    Students select three “Colleges I Am Thinking About.”
    Students begin the six year academic plan.

    7th Grade:
    Students complete the Cluster Finder.
    Students complete the Learning Style Inventory.
    Students update the six year academic plan.
    Students begin building their resume

    8th Grade:
    Students create/update their goals using SMART goal templates in Family Connection (2academic goals, 2 career goals, 1 personal/social goal).
    Students complete the Career Key.
    Students add three careers to their list.
    Students create/update their resume
    Students update the six year academic plan.
    Students complete the Transition to High School (Middle School Feedback Survey) using Family Connection.

    Naviance is a great tool to help students plan for their future education and career!