College Visits
    Seniors are allowed two (2) days of college visits that do not count as absences. They must be pre-planned and the students have to bring documentation from the college visited. A letter from the parents is not enough to proof to label the absence as a college visit. Students need to inform the attendance office (Claudia.Torres@houstonisd.org)at least three days before the visit so that teachers and administrators can be notified. This is a district policy.
    Senior Fees
    Senior fees are $250 and include the cost of senior picnic, cap/gown, and all costs of graduation. They are to be submitted by cash or check (made out to HSPVA) and turned in to Ms. Herrera in the 4th Floor Admin Office OR online at www.schoolpay.com . These fees are in addition to any art area fees/dues. If a senior is unable to afford any of the costs associated with the senior activities, they are encouraged to see their counselor to arrange for alternatives. Students must contact their Guidance Counselor, complete the HISD Socio-Economic Form, and need to apply by October 16th.
    Senior Exemptions
    Seniors may exempt exams in the spring semester if they have no unexcused absences in an ADA period (2nd and 6th) and no more than three total absences in ADA (2nd and 6th) for the spring semester.

     For individual classes, all of the following conditions must also be met:

      • No more than three total excused absences and no unexcused absences for the semester.
      • 85 average or better in the course for the semester.
      • S or E conduct average.
      • Discretion of the teacher.


    There is no limit on exemptions as long as all requirements are met.