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    Latest Update: August 24, 2018


    Leopard’s Den iPhone: 713-303-4830 (2:50pm - 6:00pm) 


    School: 713-295-5268 


    PTA Welcome Center: 713-556-5716 




    If a parent/guardian has any concern with financial or service issues they can request a meeting with the Longfellow Elementary PTA Executive Board. The Executive Board is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary who will review any issues concerning the Leopard’s Den program and will make all final decisions on the outcome of any issue. The outcome of any Executive Board decision will be executed by all Leopard’s Den staff.


    All requests for a Longfellow Elementary PTA Executive Board meeting concerning the Leopard’s Den Program must be made in writing either by email to leopardsden@longfellowhisdpta.org or letter inserted into the PTA Drop Box located by the PTA Welcome Center. The Executive Board will schedule a meeting at their earliest convenience once written request is received and will notify the requester of the location, date and time of said meeting.