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    Latest Update: August 24, 2018



    Children will be expected to treat their classmates, teachers, and parents with respect when they are in the program.  Likewise, we want the children to feel secure while in the presence of their classmates and adults. Please keep this in mind when you are interacting with your child at school. Physical punishment, yelling or failure to supervise your child will not be tolerated.  If you need assistance with your child’s behavior, please ask our staff.


    We believe that young children need many opportunities to practice being independent thinkers.  We will encourage the children to solve their own problems in an appropriate manner, and to develop adequate social skills.


    When a child behaves inappropriately, we will observe the child and work with him/her to promote positive behavior.  We will document the incident, the intervention used, and will inform you as the need arises. If the problem persists, we will call a parent conference.  In the event that the behavior continues, the teacher will initiate a meeting with a PTA Executive Board member.


    In a collaborative effort between parent and Leopard’s Den staff, a recommended behavior plan will be put in writing. The recommendations may include a time frame in which completion to maintain enrollment of the child in our program.


    Leopard’s Den discipline policy is followed in conjunction with the Discipline Code set forth by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (Texas Administrative Code Title 40, Chapters 746 and 747, Subchapters L, Discipline and Guidance).


    We expect children to behave as follows:

    • Be responsible for personal belongings

    • Participate in activities offered

    • Be responsible for one’s own emotions and actions. Make an effort to be patient, grateful, polite and honest

    • Follow proper safety procedures at all times, including:

    • Keeping outside doors closed

    • No leaving school without a guardian

    • No taking photos or videos on a student’s phone

    • No fighting or using foul language

    • No Lying or Stealing from students, teachers or staff

    • No running in school

    • No playing in the restrooms

    • No playing on or under the tables or chairs

    • Using good table manners at snack time

    • Throwing away trash and clean up after oneself

    • No bringing or sharing cosmetics

    • No toy guns, toy knives, dart/nerf guns

    • No outside pets

    • Respect for fellow students and staff

    • Stay with your group & listen to your teacher at all times

    • No wandering halls or going to a teacher’s class without checking in and permission


    Children that exhibit any type of behavior which is thought to be unacceptable or unsafe by a teacher will be reminded of Leopard’s Den expectations for student behavior and an email, telephone call or MyBrightwheel message detailing the incident will be sent to their parent or guardian. There are no refunds for suspension or termination.


    Unacceptable Behavior from students or parents/guardians (includes, but is not limited to)

    • Foul language from students or parents.

    • Watching violent or inappropriate material on electronic devices.

    • Disrespect for another child, staff, or director in person, on phone or in an email

    • Fighting, hitting, biting or throwing dirt onto another person

    • Refusing to take part in activities

    • Ignoring or disobeying rules of safety

    • Public or inappropriate displays of affection

    • Defacing property or vandalism

    • Misuse of Longfellow Elementary School Property

    • Lying and Stealing




    1st Incident - Parent/Guardian will be notified verbally on the same day the incident occurred and the student’s profile will be notated of the incident in the Brightwheel App.

    2nd Incident - Parent/Guardian will be notified verbally on the same day the incident occurred, the student will receive one (1) day suspension from the Leopard’s Den Program without a refund the following day and the student’s profile will be notated of the incident in the Brightwheel App.

    3rd Incident - Parent/Guardian will be notified verbally on the same day the incident occurred, and the student will be suspended from the Leopard’s Den Program without a refund until the incident is reviewed by the Longfellow PTA Executive Board. The Executive Board will decide by vote what action is taken after a conference with the parent/guardian. This may result in continued suspension or full removal from the Leopard’s Den program with a refund.


    Longfellow Elementary PTA Executive Board reserves the right to refuse service to any parent or child who chooses to not follow Leopard’s Den policies.