Parker Elementary Grading Plan

  • Categories & Weights 1st-5th Grade:


    Minor – 50%    minimum of 7 assignments per grading period

    Major – 50-%  minimum of 3 assignments per grading period

    *Note:  All class project assignments will include guidelines to be sent home with students.  Guidelines will include project requirements and due date.  Parents will retain the project guidelines and due date information and return signature form/acknowledgement back to teacher.

    Teacher Guidelines:

    • Each grade level team will determine what assignments constitute a minor or major grade.
    • Students’ grades should reflect a true indicator of academic performance and students should be given full credit for the work that is turned in on time.
    • Points should not be taken off of assignments for items such as misbehavior, disrespect, failing to record their name (first and last) on the assignment, failure to obtain parent signatures on assignments, etc.
    • Behavior and work habits should be documented and communicated to parents. Grades such as an E, S, P or U should be given on the report card to reflect conduct and work habits.
    • Teachers are the only individuals who should grade assignments. Parent volunteers, aides or other students should not be involved in the grading process.


    Opportunities for reassessment:


    • A student shall be allowed an opportunity to make up or redo a class assessment for which the student received a failing grade. Teacher will determine how to average the two grades.


    Submission of late work or projects:


    Late work can be submitted for a grade within 3 days of due date. For each day late, 10 points may be deducted from the grade.