Hello & Welcome to Scroggins Art!
    I am Naomi Castillo. I graduated from University ofHouston (Go Coogs!) School of Art. Before becoming a teacher, I was a professional photographer for 10 years. I enjoy sharing my passion for Fine Arts and Art History with my students and watching them blossom into amazing artists!
    This year we will explore the world of art througha variety of mediums and techniques, as well as the history of art and thepeople and cultures who created it. Art has proven to enhance the development of a child’s self esteem and critical thinking. Through interdisciplinary projects, our art students will also be able to learn and apply skills from their core subjects.
    In our classroom, your child will develop their artisticskills, but more importantly they will grow self-confidence and autonomy through the creationof original works of art. When your student enters our art classroom, they will become a part of our classroomcommunity which is based on the universal principle of kindness.
    We cannot wait for you to be a part of our ScrogginsArt Family!