How to Enrolling a New Student

  • Parents should bring the following items to enroll new Wesley Eagles:

    • A letter from the official resident of the student’s address stating how long the student has lived at that address (for parents who live with someone else.)
    • Parent’s Photo Identification
    • The name of the school the student most recently attended.
    • Most current bill for electricity, gas, or water bill.
    • The child’s birth certificate or other proof of age and identity.
    • If the residence is an apartment, a valid lease giving the name of the official resident.
    • A record of the child’s current immunizations signed by a doctor.
    • If coming from another school, a copy of the last report card is required.
    • The child’s social security card.

    For assistance, call the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734. A parent or legal guardian must submit a Statement of Residence if the reside with relatives or friends. If your child is entering HISD from another school district, you will also need a record of current immunization, the most recent report card, an academic transcript and an approved transfer.

Student Enrollment Forms