• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get my child's test results or lottery status early?
    No!  The Office of School Choice does not allow us to release this information early to any one or for any reason. 

    If I miss the deadline, will my application still be considered? 
    Unfortunately, No! Due to the large number of on-time applications T. H. Rogers receives, the online application system does not allow parents to submit late applications to T. H. Rogers.

    What is the difference between a Magnet Program and a Vanguard Magnet Program?
    A Magnet Program offers some type of special curriculum for students in the program (for example:  fine arts, foreign languages, STEM, Vanguard, and so forth).
    A Vanguard Magnet is a magnet program with an accelerated academics for Gifted and Talented (GT) students.  A Vanguard Magnet may have a wide offering of other appealing opportunities, but the main focus is specialization in GT students and providing them with academic challenge.
    May I apply to more than one Vanguard Program?
    Yes. The online application system allows parents to submit up to five Magnet school applications.  Parents may apply to any combination of Vanguard and non-Vanguard Magnets, to a maximum of five applications per student.
    What happens when I apply to more than one Vanguard Magnet?
    Every student that applies to more than one Vanguard Magnet School will be placed in the lotteries of the schools to which they have applied.  If your child qualifies as GT, their lottery placement will remain, with three possible outcomes:  accepted to the program, wait listed for the program, or dropped for acceptance to a higher ranked school.  If your child does not qualify as GT, your child's name will be dropped from all Vanguard Magnet School lotteries to which you have applied.

    What if my child is not zoned to T. H. Rogers?
    T. H. Rogers has no zoned students.  Every student who attends T. H. Rogers does so on a Magnet Transfer.  In order to attend THR, a student must go through the application process, be accepted, and be given an approved transfer.
    T. H. Rogers is considered a "Separate and Unique School" (SUS) because it does not have any zoned students.  By SUS guidelines, all applicants must be residents of HISD in order to attend THR.  This rule can be found in the Important Note section at the bottom of the page: https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/75098.
    HISD employees who live out-of-district may apply to T. H. Rogers as per HISD School Board decision.

    We do not live within HISD boundaries, can we still apply to T. H. Rogers?
    No - unless you are an HISD employee!
    Because T. H. Rogers does not have any zoned students, THR falls under "Separate and Unique School" (SUS) guidelines.  THR can, therefore, only accept students who live within the boundaries of HISD.  This rule is documented on HISD's School Choice website, in the Important Note section at the bottom of this page:  https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/75098.
    You must live within HISD boundaries before submitting your application to T. H. Rogers.  If you apply to T. H. Rogers with an out-of-district address, and you are not a currently employed by HISD, your child's application will not be processed.  We will not ask for documents, and we will not schedule testing because we cannot consider out-of-district applications.
    Note: HISD employees who live out-of-district may apply to T. H. Rogers as per HISD School Board decision.

    What is acceptable proof of HISD residency?
    T. H. Rogers will accept a copy of a utility bill (electric, gas, water), or a copy of your lease agreement in the name of the child's parent or legal guardian.  You must actually reside at the address you provide T. H. Rogers.
    At what points can I expect to turn in proof of HISD residency?
    If you are selected to attend, you will need to turn in a current proof of residency with your acceptance paperwork.  Notification of acceptance occurs at the end of March.  During registration, you will also be requested to turn in a current proof of residency.  Registration for newly accepted students typically happens right before we dismiss for the summer.  If you move prior to notification in late March or at any time after acceptance, we will request a current proof of residency.
    T. H. Rogers falls under "Separate and Unique School" (SUS) guidelines, and, as such, we are required to only admit students who live within HISD boundaries.

    Are siblings given preference for placement?
    In entry level grades, (Kindergarten and 6th grades), 25% of the spaces available at T. H. Rogers are reserved for siblings that have an HISD GT qualified status.
    • 17 of 66 spaces in Kindergarten
    • 18 of 70 spaces in Sixth Grade
    GT Qualified students with siblings currently attending THR will be placed in the sibling lottery for those spaces.
    GT Qualified students with siblings currently attending THR who do not receive placement in the sibling lottery will be placed at the top of the waitlist in the order of their general lottery number.

    What do I need to do if my child is receiving special services (Special Education / 504 / LEP)?
    If your child is receiving special services from your school, please inform the T. H. Rogers Vanguard Coordinator.  Parents are required to check the designated box on the application and provide documentation of special services with the Vanguard application.
    If your child is receiving Special Education services, we will need a copy of their IEP.
    If your child is receiving 504 accommodations, we will need a copy of the official 504 documentation.
    If your child is receiving LEP services, we will need a copy of their LEP folder.

    Bilingual vs. LEP?
    Bilingual - being able to speak and write two languages fluently.
    LEP - Limited English Proficient - a student who has difficulty understanding the English language.
    On the Vanguard application, there is a Bilingual / LEP / ELL box.  Parents often check this box because their child is bilingual without reading the corresponding question, which specifically states to only check the box if your child is receiving services at your school because they have a limited understanding of the English language. 

    What are the odds that my child will be accepted into the program at T. H. Rogers?
    We truly have no idea! 
    Every school year is different  and depends on a few things: how many applicants total that apply, how many qualified as GT, and how many spaces we have available for that grade level.  In general, students accepted to T. H. Rogers in Kindergarten stay with us at least through fifth grade.  This means that we only have openings in first through fourth grades if someone decides to leave our program.  This does happen - parents accept jobs in other areas, or decide a different school is a better fit for their child. 
    From one year to the next, we can only guarantee openings in entry level grades:  Kindergarten and sixth grades. 
    Openings at other grade levels are unpredictable and may or may not happen
    depending upon the circumstances of our families!