Who are siblings?
    A sibling is a brother or sister.  Cousins / nieces / nephews do not count as siblings.
    To receive sibling preference, the brother or sister of the applicant must either be accepted to attend or already attending the school.  Sibling preference only happens at entry level grades.  At T. H. Rogers, entry level grades are Kindergarten and 6th grades.
    To help make the sibling policy clearer, here are a couple examples:
    Example 1:  a student applies for a sixth grade space at T. H. Rogers and has a brother currently at THR in seventh grade.  The brother will be attending THR for eighth grade, which makes the sixth grade applicant a sibling and eligible for sibling preference.
    Example 2:  a student applies for a sixth grade space at T. H. Rogers and has a brother currently at THR in eighth grade.  The brother will not be attending THR with the applicant, as the brother will have already have left for high school when the applicant begins sixth grade.  In this situation, the sixth grade applicant is not considered a sibling and will not receive preference.
    Obviously, there are thousands of scenarios, especially since T. H. Rogers is a K through 8 campus; however, the acid test is:  if accepted, will the siblings be at the same school during the same school year?  If the answer to that is yes, and the GT qualified applicant is applying for an entry level grade, then sibling preference applies.  If the answer to that is no, or the sibling is applying for a non-entry level grade, then sibling preference does not apply.