How does "the Sibling Lottery" work?
    T. H. Rogers runs 11 lotteries:  a sibling lottery for Kindergarten and sixth grades, and a general lottery for each grade level Kindergarten through eighth.
    The Smart Choice system ran T. H. Rogers' Kindergarten and Sixth grade sibling lotteries prior to the general lotteries for each grade level as part of the protocol of the computer program.  However, observers in the room could only see the final lists of the lottery results; we did not see the results of each individual lottery in turn. 
    For the 2016 - 2017 school year, THR's Kindergarten lottery included 841 students. Of the 841 students, 30 of them had siblings currently attending THR and they were placed in the sibling lottery.  THR reserved 17 of 66 spaces (25%) for siblings.  After the sibling lottery for Kindergarten had been ran, the 13 siblings that were not selected in the sibling lottery were placed in the general lottery.  In this particular lottery, none of the 13 were selected.  These students were moved up to the top of the waitlist.
    For the 2016 - 2017 school year, THR's sixth grade lottery included 1,137 students.  Of the 1,137 students, 18 of them had siblings currently attending THR.  THR reserved 18 of the 70 spaces (25%) for siblings, and they were all used in this particular lottery.  
    Note about the 2016 - 2017 Lottery:  We ran the lottery with everyone in it, coded as either GT qualified or qualified pending.  Once Admissions had been held an the qualification status of the students had been determined, students who did not qualify as GT were removed from the lottery lists.