Important Waitlist Information:
    Waitlists are dynamic!  If a student is called off any of our waitlists and accepts the space, if that student has a sibling on the Kindergarten or 6th grade waitlist, that Kindergarten or 6th grade student is moved to the top of the waitlist with other siblings in the order of their general lottery number.  This puts siblings on entry level grades ahead of any non-sibling waitlist students.
    What that means:  The online dashboard should keep track of where your student is on the waitlist.  Be aware that your Kindergarten or sixth grade student may originally have had a waitlist number of 17, but if someone is accepted for any grade that has a sibling applying for Kindergarten or sixth grades, their sibling will be placed ahead of your non-sibling student, causing your student to be number 18 on the waitlist, instead of number 17.