Welcome to Health & Physical Education!

First Name Last Name Grade Level Email Extension
Gloria Butler 7th/8th gbutler1@houstonisd.org 337-279
Astaire Carter 6th/7th acarte10@houstonisd.org 337-280
Howard Frazier 6th hfrazie1@houstonisd.org 337-281
Nelson Fujiwara 7th/8th nfujiwar@houstonisd.org 337-283
Alexis Willis 6th/8th alexis.willis@houstonisd.org 337-282

Health & Physical Education General Information

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    The POMS Health and Physical Education Program focuses on the development of fitness for life.  Our program contributes to each student’s growth and development in the physical, mental, and social domains through a movement-based curriculum.  Health and Physical education are important and unique parts of the daily instructional Pprogram.  They contribute to the development and maintenance of fitness, motor skills, social skills, health, and brain development.  POMS Health & Physical Education Program involves the “whole child” by providing quality instruction.  Our goal is to foster and maintain each student’s best level of health.