• Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology!


    Anatomy & Physiology introduces students to the intricacies of the human body in health and disease. This course serves as a forum for the application of basic science concepts to the study of the human body and facilitates the development and enhancement of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

    The introduction course provides a hands-on, laboratory-based class allowing the students to make an in-depth analysis of human anatomy and physiology. Students study major systems of the body, health and nutrition, disease processes and explore career opportunities in health care. 

    At the end of the course, each student will be able to:

    • describe and apply anatomical terminology;
    • develop a health and nutrition plan;
    • distinguish and describe major tissue types;
    • describe the structure and function of major organ systems and its parts; and
    • define homeostasis and describe specific examples for each of the major organ systems.
    • Writing materials - #2 Pencils with eraser, Pens (any color)
    • USB flash drive (to be used in all classes)
    • 1 bottle of liquid hand soap
    • 1 container of Clorox wipes
    • Medical gloves – keep in your locker
    • Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach ISBN: 978-0393324822 


    Classroom Expectations                         Consequences

    Be respectful.                                     Verbal warning.

    Be on time and on task.                      Student-Teacher conference.

    Be prepared.                                      Lunch detention.

    Be responsible.                                   Email or phone call to parent.

                                                                 Referral to the office.


    Grading Policy
    • Tests / Projects       40%                                  
    • Labs / Activities       25%
    • Quizzes                   25%                                  
    • Other                     10%    







    UNIT 1




    a)      Overview of Human Anatomy and Physiology 

    b)     Orientation & Terminology

    c)      Cells and Tissues 

    UNIT 2




    a)      Integumentary System 

    b)     Skeletal System

    c)      Muscular System

    UNIT 3





    a)      Nervous System

    b)      Endocrine System 

    c)      Special Senses

    UNIT 4




    a)      Cardiovascular/Blood System

    b)      Lymphatic/Immune System

    c)      Respiratory System 

    d)      Digestive System/Metabolism & Nutrition

    e)      Urinary System

    UNIT 5




    a)      Reproductive System


    Student Responsibilities and Classroom Procedures

    Class Culture 

    • A&P is an elective, meaning you CHOSE to take this course. I expect a high level of interest and participation as I assume you are genuinely here to learn about the human body and its capabilities.

    • Come to class on time, prepared and ready to work.  You must be signed in and seated to be counted on time.  If you are delayed elsewhere within campus, you will need to secure a legible written pass to be admitted. The pass is only for admittance purposes.   

    • Attend to your personal needs before coming to class. You will be allowed to leave class only in an emergency. An emergency in A&P is defined as: hemorrhaging, severe hypohydration, or emesis.  

    • This class is heavily based on technology and online activities. You are expected to stay on task all the time and follow your signed technology contract.   

    • Safety first!  We want to keep you safe during any lab activity therefore it is important that you observe safety rules.  Violations of safety rules will result in a maximum grade of 70.  Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be timed out from the activity. Once that happens, you automatically get a zero for that particular activity.

    • Always write your first and last name, full date, and class period in order to get credit for any and all work that you turn in. 

    • Write neatly and legibly. I will grade only what I can read!

    Academic Integrity 
    Cheating, copying, and plagiarism are major offenses in any academic setting and I take it very seriously.  If caught, you will be reported and will NOT get credit for that work.  You will also be referred to the Administration and your parents will be contacted. 



    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to promptly gather the assignments that you missed. I will not remind you of missed assignments. If you miss a quiz or test, YOU must schedule a make-up during lunch, but keep in mind that the format of the re-test is at the teacher’s discretion. It is your responsibility to reschedule your missed test in a timely manner. Any assignments not made up from an absence will result in a zero.  

    • You must make an appointment to take your missed tests and quizzes during the beginning of lunch.  
    • You will get a zero if you are tardy or fail to come in during your scheduled make-up day.  
    • The format for make-up tests or quizzes is at my discretion.


    Assignment Deadlines and Make-Up

    • Late work will be not be accepted in this course.   
    • There is no make-up for missing or incomplete work due to being off task.
    • There is no make-up for long-term assignments or for group work.
    • If you are absent the day it is assigned, you have 3 days for every excused absence day to make it up.
    • Unexcused absences will have the same deadline as regular work. i.e. you will have the same number of days to submit as the class was given (example: if class was given 2 days to complete, you will have 2 days to complete from the day you receive the assignment).
    • If you are absent on the day that it is due but have the assignment, the assignment is due the day you return to school. 
    • If you are on campus the day an assignment is due you are required to turn your work in, even if you miss your A&P period. It is your responsibility to turn in your work even if you leave early or arrive late.
    • Deadlines are not negotiable.