Name That Book Media Contest


    The Name That Book Media Contest will not be held this year.

    Please contact your specialist for further information.



    Contest entries are limited to schools that are registered to participate in the Name That Book Contest.  The entry may be the work of an individual or a group. All contestants must be a member of the school’s Name That Book Team. The participants do not have to be one of the selected members to actually compete in the contest but should be included in the normal activities of the school’s Name That Book team.

     Contest Divisions

    There are three divisions aligned to the Name That Book competitions. They are: 3-6, Middle School, and High School.  The following media formats may be submitted:  multimedia presentation, video recording, or web design.

     Contest Rules
    1. Every entry must be associated with a school registered to participate in the one of the divisions of the Name Book Contest.
    2. Individuals or groups of up to 7 members may submit an entry.
    3. An entry consists of a submission form and a hard copy or working link for a web page. The hard copy must be a CD or DVD.
    4. Entries must adhere strictly to all applicable copyright laws and guidelines. Judges may disqualify any entry based on a reasonable belief that the entry infringed on the copyright laws or educational fair use guidelines.
    5. If an entry cannot be fully executed from the files contained on the submitted media, a standard Internet browser, or a standard media player, the entry will not be judged.
    6. All entries will be judged and must comply with a specific rubric.
    7. Paperwork must be submitted by the deadline to qualify for judging.
    8. The media project must promote, explain, enhance, or publicize a book or books from the Name That Book list for the current year.
    9. Project must be appropriate for school and public presentations.
     Copyright Resources

    1. Can the video actually be the kids telling about the books...sort of like a Reading Rainbow book talk type of thing ?   Yes, it can be a group or individual effort. Just look at the rubric for video for judging criteria.

    2. Can I do the filming while they present or does the whole thing have to be student generated ? 

    Keep in mind that this is a media competition and not a performance, skit, or play. The media project, however, may include live action that has performances and skits. As much as possible, it should be a student project. At all levels students will and should receive the assistance of an adult. This may include operating the camera.  Look at this statement from the contest  copyright form:

    As the creator of this entry I/we understand that this is an amateur competition and that I/we did the work on this particular project according to the Name That Book Media Awards rules.

    All project creators are asked to submit this form 
     Media Project Ideas and Resources

    Book Trailer ideas.....

    Resources for video/multimedia projects:


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