• DRESS CODE: School colors are blue, green, and white. White, navy, hunter green, yellow and red are acceptable. School uniforms consist of solid color shirts and khaki or blue pants. Skirts must be appropriate length to touch the length of the middle finger extended with hands beside the body and include school colors. For safety reasons, students are required to wear tennis shoes every day. All jackets and sweaters should be solid color with logos smaller than a fist. Please label all items with your child’s name.
    College and Briargrove spirit shirts can be worn with jeans on Fridays only. No professional sports shirts should be worn. Friday blue jeans should not have any holes or rips.

    Students out of dress code will be expected to call home. If unable to change, we will provide a change of clothes. Borrowed clothes should be washed and returned to the front office. Repeated uniform offenses can affect the student’s ability to participate in field trips, parties and special events.