• A little about me:

    I was born and raised in Houston, TX where I would eventually attend the University of Houston Main Campus. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in Education. I continue to attend the University of Houston as I am seeking my Ed.D in  Curriculum and Instruction. I come from a family of educators with my mother, father, and sister being teachers. For fun I like to play any sport, but soccer is truly my favorite. I also like to watch movies in particular documentaries, films based on actual events, and comedies.  I enjoy travelling anywhere and by any means.

    My Philosophy:

    As an educator I know I have an important role in my students’ life. I strive to make my lessons about culture, economics, politics, environment and history the most engaging and challenging part of my students’ day. As a teacher I am forever a student, I seek to grow from my experiences, as well as the experiences of my peers and I try and implement this same mentally to my students. Here at T.H. Rogers we are diverse population and there are priceless lessons and experiences my students can learn from their peers, so sharing and collaboration will be utilized throughout the year. It is my strong belief that the world will soon be inherited by the students of today and how they view and interact with this world first starts with understanding. Understanding becomes the foundation onto which my students will grow the critical and analytical thinking skills necessary for their college and careers. My ultimate goal is to challenge all my students’ every day to be the best world citizens with the understanding and respect for this world’s history, culture, and environment so they can go forth and leave my classroom with the skills necessary to be successful in their education as well as in careers.


    Peru    Notre Dame de Paris