Ms. Marnie Hylton
    The mission of the Student Support Services Department is to increase the child’s capacity to benefit from education by providing high quality health, counseling, psychological, social work, and prevention services that support student achievement, improve the relationship between teacher and child, promote parent involvement and engage the community with the schools. Student Support Services are available to all district students including regular and special education students, LEP and early childhood students. 
    - Plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive counseling and guidance program based on defined needs, priorities and objectives. 
    - Apply appropriate theories and techniques to develop and maintain effective individual and group relationships. Counsels individual students with presenting needs or concerns. 
    - Counsels small groups of students with presenting needs or concerns. 
    - Provide a proactive, developmental guidance program for all students, from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. 
    - Provide professional expertise to assist faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and other community members to understand individual behavior and human relationships. 
    - Bring together people and resources in the school, community, and district for the optimum academic, career, personal, and social development of students. 
    - Collaborate with other school and district staff to interpret test results and evaluation programs that help students identify their abilities, aptitudes, achievements, and interests.
    Social Work Services: 
    - Maintains case load of families, and coordinate community social services and educational services. 
    - Identifies and assesses needs of students for placement in appropriate educational settings.
    - Assists families with identification, referral and follow-up, and acquisition of needed resources to support the educational program.
    - Makes regular home visits to homes as applicable.
    - Develops and coordinates mental health support services, such as individual and group counseling for students.
    - Provides training to school staff, parents, and appropriate community groups.
    - Provides case management for students and families requiring multiple services and/or resources such as referral for mental health, health services, and basic needs with private and governmental agencies.