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    Valgene Holmes

    School E-Mail Address: vholmes1@houstonisd.org
    I Teach: National Security, Practicum Law
    Bio: When disaster strikes, sometimes a 911 Telecommunicator is the one person sitting
    between the person who's in distress and the help and information he or she needs. The
    Telecommunicator needs to be quick and calm in the face of a caller's personal emergency,
    which could be anything from the mundane to the catastrophic. There are many crises that
    compel people to call local emergency centers. The men and women who receive these calls
    need to be well trained in the policies, procedures, and protocols of emergency response.
    They need to be like the men and women who graduate from the Houston Independent School
    District's High School for Law and Justice (HSLJ). The students at HSLJ have strived to become
    the new industry professional by heavily concentrating on quality assurance – providing the
    caller with the proper response and proper resources in an accurate and precise manner “This
    is an opportunity for students to succeed in life. The program opens a lot of doors and that’s
    what education should be all about.” – Dr. Valgene Holmes

    A-Day Conference Period: 12:35pm - 2:05pm
    B-Day Conference Period: 12:35pm - 2:05pm