Gathering of PII


  1. Learners will become aware about other data, beyond PII, which they might want to keep private.
  2. Learners will locate and customize sharing settings on social media sites.
  3. Learners will discern where and why data could/should not be shared and the repercussions of sharing in different scenarios or circumstances.

Activity: Terms of Use

PII vs. Sensitive PII

As stated in module 1, PII is any information or combination of information that can be used to identify a person. Sensitive PII is personally identifiable information, which if lost, stolen or compromised could result in considerable harm to an individual.

The Department of Homeland Security classifies sensitive PII as:

Teachers should practice extreme care when handling student data. For more information on how to protect PII refer to video on the right.

Locating and Customizing Sharing Settings

It is always important to customize sharing settings within any social media site, app, or web-based tool to protect and prevent the sharing of PII. Face book, a widely used social network, allows users to choose who can view, access, and post on their page. Take a look at Linkdin's Terms of Use policy.

What If?

View the following video for tips on how to deal with students information then take the five-question quiz below to test your mastery of protecting students PII.


Make sure you view your score to see how you did.