Cyber Safety and Security Awareness


Getting from here to there... using Cyber Safety & Security skills to build Global Graduate Competencies.

Fostering the skills that create strong, independent 21st Century learners requires building effective communication skills, embracing new ideas and technologies, being a part of the global community, critically evaluating information to determine validity and developing the ability to plan for academic and career goals. The foundation of these skills rests upon principles of good digital literacy and citizenship. Digital citizens transition seamlessly between traditional classrooms and online learning communities. Teachers can support this effort by modeling online safe practices, safely using available technologies and through discussions of how to protect personal data.
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What to Expect

You are about to undertake six modules that guide learners through important concepts related to Privacy, Safety and Security. We are primarily focused on the treatment of student data and online safety. Remember this is just the beginning of many conversations that need to be ongoing - in school and beyond!

Take your time as you move through the content. We hope that you walk away with a better understanding of these critical issues and the material leaves you better prepared to have conversations with colleagues, administrators, students and parents about being secure online.


  • Gain a basic understanding of laws that protect students and their data and what this means when using digital tools and the Internet in the classroom.
  • Learn about what you can do to prepare your students to be responsible digitally literate citizens.

Every day and all the time

K12 legislation requires that districts protect student data. For this reason, education professionals must be mindful which free Apps they use, the type of data these Apps collect and what these Apps do with student data and with whom they share it.

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