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A special message from Interim Superintendent of Schools Grenita Lathan


HISD Community:

As we near the end of an unprecedented school year, I want to take a moment to share with you some important health and safety protocol updates.

I'm relieved and excited to report that public health conditions are continuing to improve across our city. Vaccinations are going up and positivity rates are going down.

As a result, HISD will formally deactivate its Communicable Disease Plan effective Monday, Aug. 2, 2021.

Established as a living document, the Communicable Disease Plan governs district health and safety protocols during public health emergencies. It was developed in 2020 by the Communicable Disease Plan Committee, a cross-functional team made up of more than six dozen educators, employees, parents, community members, and health officials.

With the deactivation, the district will resume normal operations ahead of the start of the 2021-2022 school year. The plan can be reactivated, as needed, should conditions worsen.

The Communicable Disease Plan committee will continue to meet to review public health conditions and guidance from health and education officials and make operational recommendations that prioritize health and safety.

After meeting regularly throughout the past year, the group will meet once more at the end of July before shifting to a twice-a-year — and more often, if needed — schedule.

Additionally, we are retiring HISD's color-coded COVID Gauge, created last year to provide a visual indicator of the district's public health status. The gauge is being discontinued after Friday, June 11 — the last day of school — to allow the district more flexibility in responding to changing public health guidance.

Please note: Though we are retiring the gauge, all HISD health and safety protocols outlined in the Communicable Disease Plan will remain in place until the plan is deactivated. We also encourage the continued use of masks, though we recognize the decision to do so is a personal one.

I appreciate your continued support of our mission to keep our students and staff safe, and I wish you a great last week of school and wonderful summer.


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Grenita F. Lathan, Ph.D.
HISD Interim Superintendent