• “Reading is listening. Writing is speaking.”

    7th grade Reading/ELA

    Mr. Goldsmith
    Room A123

    Welcome to a new school year! Reading and writing are truly important for every individual as they are the model for how we learn different ideas and create new ones. This year we will be reading a variety of different texts, fiction and non-fiction, and exploring different types of writing styles while we get ready for the STAAR test in the spring.

    Course Objectives:

    1.      The student will learn how to analyze and evaluate text through certain critical thinking skills. The class will focus on fact based analysis of texts that are assigned or researched by the student. At the end of their education, the student will be ready to evaluate ideas logically based on evidence and their own experience.

    2.      The student will gain an appreciation for literature through reading fiction and non-fiction passages. We will be doing group -reading and self-directed reading to facilitate comprehension and evaluation. The student will have the reading skills to learn any idea or skill that they wish.

    3.      The student will learn to write narratives and expository essays with creativity and confidence by understanding and utilizing grammar skills, organizational structures, and literary devices. The students will be reflective in this process by peer-reviewing each other’s work and gain an aptitude for self expression. The student will have the language skills to effectively express any idea they wish.

    4.      The students will gain empathy for different perspectives through reading and writing.

    5.      All students will gain therequired skills  to pass STAAR reading and writing.



                Students are required to bring:


    1.      A 3 –inch 3-ring binder with a package of dividers.

    2.      A journal or spiral notebook.

    3.      A stack of lined paper.

    4.      A folder to keep your homework.

    5.      A dry erase marker and a pen or pencil.


    Homework: 10%
    Classwork: 40% (Worksheets, Citizenship, Notes, Binder and planner organization)
    Major Work: 30% (Tests, quizzes, reading logs, presentations)
    GPS projects 20%


                If there is any inappropriate behavior the teacher may take a number of actions to redirect the student depending on the circumstances. I encourage my students to keep track of the disciplanary actions that have been documented, so they will know the consequences the next time.
                1.      The first infraction results in a verbal warning and/or isolation.

    2.      The second infraction may result in permanent seat change and/or student conference

    3.      The third infraction may result in a parent conference and/or the student will be required to attend detention.

    4.      If the teacher has documented up to three infractions of school policy, the teacher may send the student to the office for more severe punishment.

    Late Work and Retakes:

                If an assignment is late, points may be deducted depending on the importance of the assignment and the circumstances. If the assignment is more than three days late, 30 points will be deducted from the final grade. A 70 will be the highest grade possible at that point, however students may always turn in late work as long as it still within the same semester. If a student is unhappy with their grade on a quiz or test, they are encouraged to take a retake during my tutorial hours or my conference time. The new grade will replace the old one if it is higher.

    Tutorials, communication, and conferences:

                If a student needs help with a certain objective, they may be required to come to after school or Saturday tutorials. A student may come during my conference or tutorial hours to seek extra help, if these times don’t work for the student, than a new situation will be arranged. I am always available to talk about personal issues, any school work, grades, or discipline. However, I must stress that these conversations must be done individually and not during class time. I will post my schedule very soon for parents and students to know when the appropriate times are. Anyone can email me at ekimsey@houstonisd.org and I will respond within 24 hours. I also encourage parents to be active on gradespeed as well, so they can stay up to date their child’s progress.

    Erik Goldsmith