John Threet, Principal

  • John Threet

    We welcome your input, feedback, and support, which will be critical for the teaching and learning environment, and above all, to the success of your child at our school. Together we can continue West University Elementary’s legacy of success. 

    Where did you go to Elementary School?
    I attended Castleberry Elementary School in Ft. Worth, Texas.
    What was one of your favorite memories of elementary school?
    One of my favorite memories of those days is our school choir.  We had two wonderful music teachers who just happened to be sisters, Mrs. Ayers and Mrs. Reed. Mrs. Ayers was our third and fourth grade music teacher and Mrs. Reed was our fifth and sixth grade music teacher. Choir practice was in the mornings before school. There were about sixty students who participated in each choir. Most of us also sang in our high school A Cappella choir at Castleberry Sr. High School years later.
    Who influenced you to become a teacher?
    My father was an elementary teacher and principal. He became a principal when I was only three years old after eight years as a fifth and sixth grade teacher. Our discussions at the supper table each night usually centered around his and our school experiences that day. My older sister taught first grade for eight years. When I first went to college, I was a business major, but I had a part time job working in a day care school with pre-school, kindergarten, first, and second grade students. After two years, I realized I enjoyed working with children more than accounting so I changed my major to elementary education.
    Where did you earn your degree and teacher's certificate?
    I received my undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin and my master's degree from Houston Baptist University.
    How would you summarize your educational philosophy?
    Education is the single-most important task in our society. We are charged with leading students to a successful future.
    Favorite quote: "I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well."  - Alexander the Great