Creative Arts
  • At Neff Elementary our students’ learning is greatly enhanced by classes with our Specialist Team.  Here are some of the skills our children learn during the year:


    • computer
    • research 
    • music
    • art
    • creative problem solving 
    • theater
    • dance/physical education

    Throughout the year, they learn not only the skills involved in becoming more proficient at these subjects, but also learn core curriculum more deeply.  In particular, Social Studies and Science are infused into the lessons provided by the Specialist team.   

    Specialist classes provide students with more opportunity to learn teamwork and how to set and meet goals.  Students learn communication through various mediums and learn how to solve different kinds of problems with a variety of solutions.

    Every 9 weeks, each grade level is given the opportunity to participate in a school program.  In this way, our children share their work in performing and visual arts, enhancing the relationships we have to each other:  students, teachers, staff, parents and our larger community.   

    Through these experiences, our students, teachers, staff and community understand the power of the Arts in education.  For more on the values gained in Art Education, see the National Art Education Association’s Ten Lessons the Arts Teach.