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First Name Last Name Email Title
Jasmine Giron JGIRON@houstonisd.org Principal, Middle School
Victor Amaro VAMARO@houstonisd.org Tchr, Social Studies
Timmy Anderson P00134637@houstonisd.org Tchr-Co, Sp Ed
Robert Anthony RANTHONY@houstonisd.org Tchr, Math
Matthew Barrett P00136350@houstonisd.org Tchr, Science
Jessica Beltran P00074888@houstonisd.org Teaching Assistant-10M
Eugenia Berg P00142731@houstonisd.org Tchr, Special Ed SC Lifeski
Kiara Byous KFONTEN2@houstonisd.org Tchr, Math
Lakendrick Carter P00114487@houstonisd.org Teaching Assistant-10M
Trinidad Castillo P00101328@houstonisd.org General Clerk III 12M
Rashonda Davis P00128253@houstonisd.org Tchr-Co, Sp Ed
Alexandra DeLeon P00145166@houstonisd.org Student Information Rep-12M
Thejuana Diomande P00027853@houstonisd.org Tchr, Science
Timothy Folkins P00143689@houstonisd.org Tchr, English/Language Arts4-8
Barry Ford BFORD4@houstonisd.org Tchr, Social Studies
David Freeney DFREENEY@houstonisd.org Chair, Spcl Ed 10M
Obed Gama OGAMA@houstonisd.org Int IT Cust Serv Rep-12M
Kendra Griffith KGRIFFI3@houstonisd.org Tchr-Co, Sp Ed
Dominique Guerra P00141520@houstonisd.org Teaching Assistant-10M
Maria Guerrero Parker MGUERR17@houstonisd.org Tchr, Band, Secondary
Crystal Harness CHARNES2@houstonisd.org Tchr, Physical Education
Darlene Harrell P00102505@houstonisd.org Tchr, English/Language Arts4-8
Lamonica Harris P00083774@houstonisd.org Principal, Asst Middle Sch 12M
Ashton Holmes P00148833@houstonisd.org Tchr, Social Studies 4-8
Sabrina Jurand P00023354@houstonisd.org Tchr, Special Ed SC