Welcome to 8th Grade Reading!! 



    Teacher: Mrs. Ross 

    Email: sross3@houstonisd.org

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    I’d like to welcome your son/daughter back to a new year of learning, growing, socializing, and self-discovery.  It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to enrich your child’s life with the English Language Arts.  As your child’s 8th grade reading teacher, I am committed to providing a learning experience that elicits inquisitive thinking and profound discovery while at the same time inspiring success and ambition.  

    This year, 8th grade reading will be implementing a structured curriculum which allows for a rigorous learning environment that will better prepare your son/daughter to meet the demands of high school and college readiness, improve critical thinking, and will ultimately serve as a supportive structure that will inspire success in future English and reading classes through a vertical alignment of objectives spanning from now through high school.  Your child will experience challenging reading and writing opportunities while practicing relevant strategies needed to succeed in my class as well as other academia. 

    Accountability for all work will be seen in a variety of ways.  Progress and development will be evident within notebooks, reading logs, and a variety of differentiated products created by your child throughout the year.  

    Reading classes will also be working closely with your child’s English class in order to more accurately gauge both growth and mastery of TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) while developing a curriculum that compliments and supports your child’s full attainment of necessary objectives for English Language Arts and Reading.

    Once again, I look forward to this new school year, a year full of rich learning experiences.  

    -- Stacey H. Ross


    I will ask that you attain the following for this class if you have not already: Necessary Supplies-


    star     - notebook filler paper

    star     - blue and black ink pens

    star     - 100 count composition notebook


    Any donations of the following items are not required, but would be very helpful and always GREATLY appreciated.  

    - paper towels
    - hand sanitizer    
    - tissues
    - wet wipes
    - pens and pencils  
    - colored pencils  
    - crayons