• Out of an abundance of caution due to the current COVID-19 instances in our area, schools and Houston ISD offices will be closed until April 10, 2020.

    The following are temporary adjustments to the policies, procedures and student responsibilities from the Virtual School Department based on the recommendations of social distancing from the CDC in efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 spread.

    Campus Graduation Coach Support
    Campus Graduation Coaches are identified at each campus and will be available to support teaching staff via email beginning March 23, 2020.


    Tuition-Based Program

    • Course Enrollment Approval Adjustments
      The Virtual School Department will be accepting course enrollment approvals by email from the approving counselor until further notice. Students may submit enrollment forms without the counselor's signature, but enrollment will be pending the written approval of the school counselor. Submit all enrollment request to VSDEnrollments@Houstonisd.org 
      Course payments
      All course payments will continue online through SchoolPay. Payment Options are available at https://www.houstonisd.org/Page/161677.
    • Program Adjustments
      Apart from additional time without the need for a course extension request, course setting or course completion expectations have not changed.
    • Final Exam Proctoring
      Students will complete final exams from home without the need for an external proctor and submit them for grading using the Communication Tools on their Apex Learning account.
      ·    Student Communication Tools
    • Final Exam Minimum Grade Requirement
      If available, both parts of the final exam must be completed without the requirement of a proctor at the campus, furthermore, the 60% requirement will be waived until May 1, 2020. Students must still score at least 70% overall to earn credit for the course.

    Thank you, be safe and be well,
    Maria E. Bonilla
    Virtual Instruction Program Manager, Virtual School Department
    713-556-7295 (office)  |  713-556-6801 (direct) 
    mbonill3@Houstonisd.org (email)

  • "VLO

    The Houston Independent School District has created several Virtual Learning Options to help students in grades 7 - 12 succeed with online courses. These programs are monitored by the Houston ISD Virtual School Department, which was established in April 2000, and currently serves two essential functions in the district:

    1. Providing high quality on-line instructional courses to students within HISD and across the globe
    2. Assisting in the coordination, implementation, and oversight of online programs throughout the district such as:
      • Graduation Labs, and 
      • Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN)
      • Virtual School Tuition Program
      • Adult Online Courses for High School Completion
      • Texas Connections Academy @ Houston ISD

Enrollment and Payment

  • STEP 1: Parents and students must meet with the school counselor to have courses approved. The counselor approves by signing the Enrollment Form.

    STEP 2: Make your payment online by visiting our SchoolPay site

    STEP 3: Send an email with a legible copy of enrollment form and payment receipt to VSDEnrollments@Houstonisd.org

    Title your email: NEW ENROLLMENT FOR (Student Name)

    ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Wednesday of every week
    Start Date: Monday of the following week

    **We reserve the right to deny enrollment in a course through the Virtual School Department Tuition Based Program.**