• Welcome to the World of Music at Field Elementary School. Students learn to sing new songs and play instruments including precorders, recorders, xylophones, African drums, handbells, kazoos, keyboards, etc. Every student will master playing either the precorder or the recorder on their grade level. Grades Prek-2 will play precorders and grades 3-5 will play recorders. The precorder and recorder instruments prepare the students for middle school bands. In learning to play instruments, students identify notes and their values and learn to read notes on the treble staff fluently. 
    I have your child's best interest at heart and am interested in your child's music career. I believe if we put an instrument in the hands of children and get them hooked on music when they are young, they will be less likely to join gangs and get hooked on drugs when they get older. Help me mold and shape your child's music future. Let's get children hooked on music! Carolyn J. Davis, Music Instructor