• Enrollment

    The Registrar's Office is located in the main office area.

    Registration Dates 2019-2020




    During the summer please check the school calendar and or Marquis for special registration times. For additional information please contact the registrar, Ms. Thomas, at


    Documents Needed to Register
    1. Proof of address Utility Bill (Water bill, light bill, gas bill, land-line telephone bill), Lease in parent’s name or legal guardian’s name showing residence in the B T Washington High School attendance zone. If the parents and child are living with a family member or someone else, a copy of a bill of the person that they are living with is needed and the parent needs to complete a Statement of Residence Form and place the completed form in the enrollment packet. If the person enrolling the student is not the parent or legal guardian, then that person needs to go to HISD Student Transfer to complete a Determination of Residency of a Minor Form.
    Parents can use the HISD “School Zone Search Tool’ or call the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734.

    2. An Approved Transfer is needed if a student does not live in the Booker T. Washington’s attendance zone. Transfer form may be picked up and completed in the main office. If the parent has secured an approved transfer or has started the transfer process for his/her child please informs the BTWHS registration staff of this during the registration process. The BTWHS staff will, in turn, verify the status of the transfer.  

    3. Picture ID of parent/legal guardian (A Current State Driver’s License, State ID with a Picture, Military ID or Passport)

    4. School Records needed to include Last Report Card & Transcript, SpEd or ARD papers if applicable and if registering during the school year Withdrawal Forms are needed if the student has been in attendance at any school for the current school year.

    5. Proof of Student’s identity is the Birth Certificate of the student, Passport of the student enrolling, and/or Social Security Card of the student enrolling is needed.

    6. Immunization Records of the student enrolling is needed showing immunization is up to date.

    1. DPT/DT - 3 doses required with the last dose after age 4 and 1 within 10 years.
    2. Polio (oral) 4 doses required, with the last dose after age 4 
    3. MMR (rubella, rubeola, mumps) 2 doses required, 1st dose after age 1  
    4. Hepatitis B - 3 doses required. 
    5. Varicella (Chickenpox) 1 dose on or after 1st birthday, the 2nd dose required if the 1st dose was after age 13 yrs, or history of illness

    Students interested in our magnet program please go to the magnet link for information.    

    An official record of a student’s grades, credits, and standardized test results is referred to as a transcript.  Transcripts are most often requested when applying for admission to a college or university and for scholarships. Transcripts are sent at the written request of a student or parent dependent upon the student's age.   An official transcript contains a seal and is sent in a sealed envelope. If a transcript is opened by anyone other than the addressee, the transcript is no longer considered official.
    Any students desiring to have a copy of their cumulative grades and credits should ask their dean for a counselor’s report instead of requesting an “unofficial” transcript.  This act serves as an aide to the Registrar’s Office by freeing the registrar's office of this task thus giving them more time to process the official college transcripts in a timely manner.  

    Requesting a Transcript
    Transcript Request Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office, the main office and on our website and can be downloaded. There is a $1 charge per transcript, payable in cash or by money order.

    1. Please note, we only have records of graduates dating from the year 2007 and records of withdrawn students from the year 2006. If records are needed dating back prior  to these years please contact HISD inactive student record department.
    2. Anyone requesting a transcript must have proper identification. 
    3. We can not accept transcript request over the telephone. 
    4. During the school year, please allow 3 business days for a transcript to be processed and mailed. 
    5. During the summer months, students/parents will be able to request transcripts in the Main Office; please allow 7 business days as we have limited staff on duty during the summer months.  Remember, that during the month of July the registrar's office is not open on a daily basis. The registrar will periodically check the mail and the office’s messages; therefore no one is available to prepare transcripts every day of the week.  
    6. Please keep in mind that colleges, universities and the NCAA Clearinghouse take a minimum of 10 business days to process transcripts once they have been received from this high school.

    A Final Transcript is a transcript that includes the date of graduation, the seal of the graduation plan and grades, credits and standardized test score results.  Please note that Final Transcripts will be mailed during the third week of June and or after all end of year updates are completed.  The deadline for Final Transcripts for most colleges and universities is July 1st or prior to the start of the Fall Semester.

    The NCAA Clearinghouse will not accept personally mailed transcripts; they must be mailed from the Registrar. In addition, any addresses on the transcripts are not used to mail out information. It is a clearinghouse and does not generate scholarships; that is dependent on the universities to which a student is applying. Please remember that the NCAA Clearinghouse does require that the Registrar send a copy of a student’s release form.   This form is available on the NCAA website. The Registrar’s Office needs two of these release forms – one is mailed with the first transcript, and the second is mailed when the student graduates at the end of the school year.

    The rank is calculated only twice during grades 9 through 12. The preliminary class rank is calculated through the junior year and completed in the month of October of the senior year. This is the rank that will appear on most fall submitted college admission transcripts. The final rank includes grades through the end of the fall semester of the senior year and is released in the month of February.  There are some colleges that require a mid-year report and transcript; the students are responsible for completing this report and for requesting that a second transcript is sent to that college or university.  In the month of May, seniors will complete and submit a request form which allows Washington High School to send the students’ final transcript to the college that they choose to attend.

    Candidates for Summer Graduation should contact the Registrar in the month of June for the summer graduation date and meet deadlines for satisfying summer graduation requirements.  The candidates for Summer Graduation are asked to please send an email to lreynold@houstonisd.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it the first week in August for confirmation that requirements for graduation have completed. The candidates may also call 713-696-6645 for confirmation that they have completed the requirements for graduation.