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    NEW Homework Calendar
    6th-grade core class teachers have decided to put homework information and the objective for the next week on a shared document.  It will be updated weekly.  Please bookmark the link for the homework calendar on your web browser.  The due date of the assignment is the following class day unless otherwise specified.  


    Please note that students still need to check teacher's website and/or google classroom for the details of homework assignment.  The shared document on the above is not a replacement for the student's planner.  Students will still need to write assignments and assignment details in their planner. The homework calendar is for students’ and parents’ reference.  It is a tool for students to prioritize their tasks and plan for their week.

    Purpose: This page is provided for TH Rogers Vanguard students to have a single access point to all their grade-level teachers homework or assignment pages. To access all teacher's information, please use the Faculty directory on the channel bar.

    Clarification: If the teacher has hyperlinked activities on their homework page and the student accesses the link, then the student will be taken to the teacher's website. The student can return to the homework directory by clicking the Students link on the channel bar.

    Exceptions: Teachers may have a different method of assignments or classwork not formally categorized as homework; consequently, this page may not be regarded as a homework quickview in all cases.
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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
Last Modified on February 8, 2017