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    Real Men Read

    McNamara has been chosen to participate in Houston Real Men Read (HRMR) .

    "Houston Real Men Read" is a mentoring initiative for elementary- and middle-school students chaired by Texas District XIII Senator Rodney Ellis and spearheaded by HISD then-Board of Education First Vice President Paula Harris. Its goal is to recruit male volunteers from the HISD community, who are asked to commit to read to and discuss a book with a classroom of second, fifth, or seventh-grade students for one hour a month. This commitment has the potential to change a life by reinforcing three fundamental principles: 1) reading is fun, 2) the community cares, and 3) a commitment to education can ensure success. Students will be allowed to take home the books they read and keep them to start a library. Male volunteers from various companies and organizations will read to our 2nd and 5th grade classes once a month for five months. The HRMR meet and greet will be Thursday October 24th beginning at 8:00 am. The first reading will be Thursday November 15, 2012 and will resume on the third Thursday of each month there after.