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What is Apollo 20?

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    The Apollo 20 program is a bold initiative to transform public education in Houston and improve the academic achievement of all students. It is a key strategy under Core Initiative 3 of HISD’s Strategic Direction—Rigorous Instructional Standards and Supports, which is designed to prepare every student for college and career success.

    The three-year program was launched in four high schools and five middle schools at the start of the 2010-2011 school year, and it was later expanded to include eleven elementary schools.  Apollo 20 is now in its fifth year.  The program works because our community supported the initiative with an initial $16.8 million in funds.

    As of now, test scores are up while dropout rates are declining. More importantly, schools across the district are now benefiting from the lessons we've learned in these Apollo schools. Tutors are being hired to help students during the school day and efforts to retain the best teachers are intensifying.

    These schools use strategies and best practices from successful public and charter schools across the nation. Five strategies have been identified by Harvard University’s Education Innovation Laboratory, HISD’s partner in the Apollo 20 program. Those strategies include:

    • An Effective Principal and Effective Teachers
    • More Instructional Time
    • Use of Data to Drive Instruction
    • In-School Tutoring
    • A Culture of High Expectations
    The Apollo 20 schools are preparing all students for college and career success. Hailed as one of the most important efforts going on in the country today to increase performance and close the achievement gap, the Apollo 20 program has received generous financial support from national and local corporations and foundations.

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Apollo 20 Schools

  • Elementary schools: Blackshear, Davila, Frost, Highland Heights, Isaacs, Kelso, Robinson, Scarborough, Tinsley, Walnut Bend, Young

    Middle schools
    : Attucks, Dowling, Fondren, Key

    High schools: Jones, Kashmere, Lee, Sharpstown


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    Apollo 20: Closing the Achievement Gap