·        All clothing must cover the entire midriff when hands are raised above the head. Low cut, revealing tops are not are not permitted.

    ·       Shirts without sleeves are not permitted
    Shirt length cannot extend beyond fingertips when student is standing. 
    ·       Graphics/text/photos on clothing and/or accessories must be free of profane, suggestive or proactive language and/or symbols; advertisement or promotion of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence and/or sex; reference to or association with gangs or other illegal activities, etc.

    ·       Tank tops, sleepwear, pajamas, "spaghetti straps", transparent clothing or clothing designed to be worn as an undergarment is not permitted.

    Only long pants are permitted. Shorts, skirts, "skorts", capris, leggins, "jeggings" tights, sweat pants or dance pants are not permitted.
    ·       Jeans may be worn. Slightly torn jeans or jeans with holes may be worn with tights or leggings underneath. Skin must not be visible.
    ·       Pants or jeans must not be skin tight. 
    ·       Pants or Jeans must not be excessively loose or baggy. 
    No "sagging" is permitted.

    All shoes must be worn properly.
    ·       Heels should not be higher than 2 inches.
    ·       Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
    ·       Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
    ·       House shoes or bedroom slippers are not permitted.
    ·       Sport “Slides” or sandals are permitted.

    ·       No headwear may be worn.
    ·       This includes, but is not limited to, baseball caps (including school issued caps), bandanas, wave caps, knitted hats, etc. These must be place out of sight upon entering the building.
    ·       Exceptions to the headwear policy will be made by CHS Administration only for religious or medical reasons.
    ·       Combs and picks are not to be worn in the hair or on the head. All such items are subject to confiscation.

    ·       ID Cards must be in students’ possession AT ALL TIMES and must be shown when asked by any school personnel.
    ·       Blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows are not permitted.
    ·       Over-sized or baggy clothing is not acceptable. Visible undergarments of any kind are not acceptable.
    ·       Clothing and/or accessories which are deemed to constitute a safety hazard to self and/or others will not be permitted.
    ·       If any clothing and/or accessories seemingly fit the profile of gang affiliation, CHS administration reserves the right to disallow it.
    ·       Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building. Only prescription glasses or contacts are permitted.
    ·       Athletic, cheer, drill, etc. team uniforms in whole or part are not to be worn without prior approval for special events.
    ·       Any clothing worn for religious or medical reasons must be approved by CHS Administration.

                 Confiscated items will ONLY be returned to parents or guardians. The administration of CHS will be the final authority on any rules subject to interpretation. When in doubt, DO NOT wear a questionable item until it has been approved by an administrator. All decisions are final.
             Please show maturity and common sense in your clothing choices so that it will not be necessary to review or revise these guidelines. 
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