• Success in School

    As we continue to move forward, we always like to remind you of the promotion requirements in HISD. Our goal is that every student will be promoted. In order to be promoted, your student must attain an average of 70 or above in language arts (including reading improvement, if it is required to be taken) and mathematics. In addition, your student must have a passing average of at least a 70 in science and a 70 average in social studies. In the event these requirements are not met, teachers and counselors will be making parent contact throughout the school year.

    Here are a few tips in helping our students succeed:
    • ask questions in class
    • attend school tutoring
    • utilize the Clifton Agenda Book
    • conduct parent/teacher conference (contact the student’s counselor for an appointment)
    • encourage classroom visits from parents
    • utilize teachers
    It is always a pleasure for us to help you and your students here at Clifton. Please do not hesitate in contacting the counseling office for assistance as we continue to help your student.
    The Guidance Counselor
    • counsels with students and parents regarding educational, social, or vocational concerns
    • counsels with students and parents regarding placement leads programs
    • and counsels students in skills needed to resist negative peer pressure
    • registers and assists new students with the adjustment to the campus
    • works with students on developing responsible behavior
    • assists with the district's standardized testing
    • conferences with parents and students regarding the transition to high school
    • acts as an educational liaison for referrals for special education testing
    • maintains student records