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    The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) by Scholastic Books is a school-wide reading program for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade that provides teachers and students a fun and exciting way to engage in reading.  Students find a book on their reading level and then take an independent comprehension test on the computer.  Each book is worth a set number of points based on the length and reading level.  Students work towards different point goals according to their personal reading level and may earn reading recognition. 
    Students who have read AR books may take AR quizzes in their classrooms or in the school library.  A score of at least 70% is required to earn credit for the book.  When you read, the best reward is the knowledge you acquire!  
    Students are encouraged to cultivate a personal love of reading!  Students set individual goals which are celebrated throughout the year.  When students earn their first AR point, they will receive a Garden Oaks personal tag chain.  Every 10 points earned they will receive a new AR charm for their chain.  
    50 points - School appropriate Free Dress pass
    100 points -  Invitation to the monthly 100+ AR club party in the library
    200 Points - Homework pass good for one night!
    300 points - Lunch on the stage of the cafeteria
    400 points - Certificate of Achievement and Librarian for the Day
    500 points - Lunch with the principal
    600 points - Book of your choice donated to the library with your name inside
    700 points - Lunch on the Bird Viewing Deck
    800 points - Recognition on the school marquee and newsletter
    900 points - Pizza Party for your class!
    1000 points - Principal for the day and free dress for the week!!