• McNamara Elementary

    Parent-Student-School Compact (2012-2013)

    A child’s success depends on a strong, committed partnership between school and home.

    As a parent, I will show by my actions that education is important.

    I will:

    ·         Have my PK child at school ready to learn by 7:30 am.

    ·         Have my Kinder -5th grade child at school ready to learn by 7:45am.

    ·         Provide accurate emergency phone numbers.

    ·         Read to my child or listen to him/her read for 15 minutes each night.

    ·         Make sure my child does his/her homework every evening.

    ·         Provide quiet time and  space for my child’s studying and reading.

    ·         Communicate regularly with my child’s teacher.

    ·         Talk with my child about his/her day at school.

    ·         Encourage my child to have an exciting and successful school year.

    As a school,

    We will:

    ·         Provide family educational activities, including parent meetings, workshops, and family learning nights.

    ·         Provide a mid-nine weeks progress report.

    ·         Assign homework every evening.

    ·         Distribute a monthly school newsletter.

    ·         Encourage reading through classroom and school libraries, Scholastic News, Weekly Reader, and home readers or library books.

    ·         Provide notice of parent meetings in advance so all parents can arrange to attend.

    As a student,

    I will:

    ·         Attend school regularly.

    ·         Conform to classroom and school rules.

    ·         Come to school with supplies ready to participate and learn.

    ·         Complete and return homework assignments.